Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't let your children watch Hollywood life too much + BIG CHANGE... (Jeng jeng jeeenggg) pret.

Cause they'll end up growing up like me: *

Consumtive, Wild Dreams, Lotta Wishlist, High Standarts, Social, A - Listers Wannabe, Fashion & Style Addict, New Things Openeyed, Music Freak, Wanting to be Wealthy ASAP, Crazy Career Chaser (C3), Sensation Maker, Trying To be Trendsetter (T3), Being 20 something is an ASAP, Wear What's Being Wore (W3), Arrogant, Moneyspender (BIG TIME like vending machines), Dark Sided Queen, A bit Close-minded sometimes, Party Do Overs, Karateka Ninja & Rock 'n Roll for Life.

Yeah, Hollywood had made me up, I'm Poisoned Dude...

I'll keep a healthy state of mind but I don't deny that I do what Hollywood do...
I've been wanting a life as a rock 'n roll star, like living with a british indie band, touring and like... having fun everynight and coffee bars in the morning, just enjoying life while having a career in a major labeled indie band... that is like.. SO COOLLL...


I'm not gonna choose music for my path.. It's not a proper future for a girl (dang it,this is the only reason why I hate being a girl!!!! Can't do what I want to do because I'm a girl.. duuhhh..??)
So, we'll see..

My parents, some of my friends, my boyfriend.. hihi, they don't know I want to be in a band and have a tour around the world... Hahaha it's kinda funny when I'm imagining their faces when I tell them that I (was once) wanted to have a rock 'n roll star lifestyle. Well, I can tell it exactly what's on their mind about rock 'n roll life: being free, close to drugs & alcohols, parties, wild nights, broke and ended up in an empty shelter..... WELL HELLOOOO... I gotta set things straight...

Mark these: It's not like that at all


Not that kind of rockstarrrrrrrrrrr.... I'll be a famous one, at least recognized, great music tasted, play them well, a couple of hits, small stages to fill everynight, stabil career and keeping up with the exsistention of my band, and just enjoying everytime in my life by spending most of them doing what I like to do and what I want to do and doing those things with my friends... That's the kinda life I would like to have actually..


No.... That's not gonna happen... They won't let me to have a career like that... They'll think I'd fail or get stuck, or they won't even listen when I them the idea! Naaah... let's forget it.

Let's just go back to the point.
DO NOT, let your children pay too much attention to Hollywood, cause you'll face some unexplainable attitude problems by your children someday, just like my parents... Poor them, having a crazy child like me must be a very tough thing to be accepted on...... hahaha LOL

"Mommy, I want to break up with my dollies like Jon and Kate, Denise Richards said that it's complicated but I don't think so because Khloe Kardashian said party with margaritas would erase your problem and she said I just gotta get dirty, I don't get it mom, I saw Lily Allen got out from a party smiling, and she wasn't dirty at all, not a mud. And why she was carried by 5 big guys mom? There were flashlights everywhere too! And The TV said I shouldn't watch it if I have epilepsy.."

mm.. That wouldn't be a nice thing would it.

Whatsoever, that's none of my business (see how Hollywood had made me into?). What I care about is to have a great life to be spent on in the next 5 years... So I dream wild, high, and crazy...

Dare to dream some? Oh, Come on!!! After all.... It's free ;P



Thank's Mas Enaaaaddd (Mas.. Kak... Oomm? Gak deeng.. hehe)

Seneng seneng seneng banget.... telat banget juga tapi gua baru tau gitu HAHAHA minal aidin..
Gak ngerti gimana ceritanya sama gimana bisa, pokoknya gua girang gila!!

JADI SEMANGAT POSTING DEH GUEEE!! (Masyaallah pak, lihat anakmu... jiwa kecelengannya kembali hidup!! GAWAT! Cepat selamatkan barang barang pecah belah kita)

Sekali lagi, terimakasih Kak Enaaaadddd :) (Emang gua Kakak lo??? Taunya gua digituin gimana HAHAHA gaklah beliau orang baik insyallah amin) And he brought back my spirit of posting... HAHAHA spirit of posting apaan dah.
Eh tapi beneran loh.. Setia banget gitu guwe ngikutin blog Jellypilooottt :) (sebelom dibetulkan, gua ngetik SETIA menjadi SETAI........) eh enggak deng! Enggak enggak, salah. Gue itu 'Menuhankan' blog Jellypilot. Ya itu lebih tepat.
Demenan gua bat hahahaha.
Sama Benablog jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (sedih deh beliau belum notice keberadaanku, kapan tuhan menjawab doa doa hamba-Nya ini... sedih bener)
Eh eh seru loh nih gua pasang lagu lagu ah mixpodnya gua betulin.. terus link link ke anak anak.. terus itu art art gue panjangg.... senangnyaaaa....
Maaf ya kak, blog saya jelek dan benar benar apa adanya... soaln'aaa abitsss lluussaaaakkk.. hihi kiyutz abis. Iya kak blog saya habis saya hancurkan dengan tangan saya sendiri...., bisa diperhatikan betapa saya sering dikadalin tekhnologi di posting posting lain, terimakasih.
Tapi makasih banget Kak, I really appreciate it (kan kalo ngefollow, paling enggak dia buka blog gue dong, baca postingan gue dong, sampe TERTARIK BUAT NGE FOLLOW DONG... MEN ITU HEBAT BANGET HAHAHA JAYA)

I know Karate I know Jujitsu I drive like a Gangster when I'm coming to see you
Daa Dumm Doo Dumm.. HIIYYAAA!

Au Revoir

*Lucu yaaa ada ijo ijo tai kudanya gituu hihihihihiihihihi brot.

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