Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scott MacIntyre, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Unbelievable. Unpredictable. And Unfortunately, undeniable. Scott MacIntyre is out of the competition... Dude, don't know what to say. I am dissapointed, very upset, and can't believe my own eyes. To be honest, I was expecting Lil Round to go home. 'Cause she keeps upsetting and upsetting the judges from week to week. But Scott? He was only trying to do something new, by playing the electric guitar! Who knew he can play right? It's another talent of him that we should appriciate. I don't complain about the judges not saving him, because, I don't deny the fact that there are somemore contestants whom worth more to be saved, but what I am upset about, America should've voted for Scott instead of letting him go home. I was very shocked about the result and so did Paula. She seemed very shocked while like Simon said, someone has to make a decision. Alright. Maybe it's the best for everybody, though I will miss him so much, but at least his name is already a bookmark in Google :D I'm happy for you Scott that you have made this far but maybe this is just about the timing. All greatness to you Scott, and may God Bless You. Scott MacIntyre, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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