Thursday, September 17, 2009


When I heard those words.
My world's crushed and my hope's gone.
Thought I can make it up to you.
I was going to fill my days, use of you.
I guess now that won't happen.
I'll be alone again, you'll be with them again.
It's been like that hasn't it.
Well, it's fine.
I'm gonna be without you, again.
That's just how things work don't you think.
Thought we can at least meet but..
You said no, I said okay, cool.
Why not.
It'll be.. empty, anyway.

Bukan apa apa.
Najis gua jadi curhat gitu.
Like I said.
Holidayku akan 'kosong', lagi. Like other days...
He decided to.. um.. what do you say...
Like... He's not meeting me, in this period.
He's got something to do while I got nothing.
Shruging shoulders.. All I can do haha.
Back to blogging, sipping cups, making history.
It's fair enough I guess... I mean, that's just how things should work isn't it.
It's his rights to do those kinda stuff..
I have the rights too, but I don't think I 'd use them
Don't be mad if I say I don't think I will miss you this way..
What can I say?
No offense!

And oh,

Just also don't come to my birthday if you don't mind...