Sunday, April 5, 2009

IDK how to say these

I've got nothing to say about this. I'm speechless, and it's too sad to be remembered, THAT I'M GONNA PART WITH MY FRIENDS IN LESS THAN A MONTH... LESS!!!!!!!! I don't know guys, I don't think I can survive this. I mean... It's too sad to leave you all after all that we've been through... Hard times, Bad times, Good times.. GREATER TIMES...... It's to difficult to face the fact that, I AM gonna leave you all very soon. It's..... unbelieveable to be honest. I'm not being to much or so so a drama queen, it's just that... it thought it will never happen! I thought we're gonna be together forever. And then I realize that it's impossible for us to be together forever.......... Ah gila. I don't know... I will cry in our graduation ceremony, I will... Angkatan 15 aku akan terus tresno karo koe kabeh.... MUAHAHA B). AND, NOT GONNA MISS ALL OF MY BESTEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE LOT SPACE THAT EVER EXISTED?! NO! I'M GONNA MISS THEM LIKE... A LOT. >,__<.......... I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU GUYS!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE SEPERATED FROM YOU GUYS!!! Okay, it's not gonna work. Avi, Wulan, Miranti, Key, Fara, Butet, Nanda, Andin R, Cape, Lisa......... I've got something to say to you guys...

I cannot believe myself when I know that we're gonna seperate from each other in less than a month.. It's trully unbelieveable.. I thought we're gonna be together forever? But what? Fate says it all. We are not.

But, as a matter of fact, things will work out right? Though I know I won't survive without you guys......... (Oh My God it's so hard to say it all to be honest..........) It's just that, I don't want to leave you all. I want to stick with you (I'm sure you guys don't want to be sticked together with me HAHAHA you'll be like haunted by me)........ It's just that, you guys are more than irreplaceable. You guys, Let me, to be your friends, and were with me through the sorrowest time of my life. You guys accept me for who I am, you let me joke around, you let me laugh, you tell me it's not funy when my jokes're not funny. You bring me the joy that I've been looking for. You let me share. You let me live, and stand. And those kinds of friends is hard to find. When I found out that you guys are like treasures, I feel like I'm not gonna stop to cherish you all, and then I know, that it'll be very disturbing, HAHAHA. But... there no more good words to express my love for you. You guys are too good to be true, too good to be with. And, soon, we all gonna face a new life for each other's greater good. Like I said, things will work out. We will still be friends no matter what right? It's just a matter of school, and school is a matter of place. Don't make it as a blocker, our relationship is invinsible. I just want to say, I won't forget to contact each of you all, and I hope you do the same. Frequently, we'll meet right? Every month.. or 2 weeks, or once every 3 days... who knows. And we'll have some more new friend I bet. And one more thing, it's very inportant, when I see you someday, I will greet you, but if you don't greet me back, I'll punch you right away in your face, twice. HAHAHA. Don't worry, only once. Okay, I'm not gonna talk more about this cause you'll be sick of it. In the end, I love you guys, thank you for everything, you guys are the bestest that ever existed, and may God bless you for everything you do forever and ever. One more thing, Joker said, in their last moments, people show you who they relly are. So I want no more pretending in the way you act at school alright?

Those words up there are a couple of things I'd say about you. What's yours to say about me?

Love, now and always,

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fara muntu said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, cariiiiinn, those words are so sweeeet. ah iya ya car ya, pokoknya ga boleh loose contact. paling engga 1 bulan sekali ketemu yaaaaa. okeee. emang ya, paling sebel deh. kenapa ya setiap ada pertemuan musti ada perpisahaaaan -___- aaah, jadi sedih deh car

Carina's Blog said...

AAAAH FARAAA MAKASIIIIH POKOKE GAK BOLEH LOOSE CONTACT! sampe tua ahahaha. Iya kenapa, menyedihkan dan menyebalka.. haha

Avi Amerta said...


Carina's Blog said...

don't be sad dear, we should make our last time happy (mau mati hahahaha)