Saturday, April 11, 2009


Once you've start, you can't stop and please, answer truthfully, being fake is so yesterday.

1. You can't stand it when you don't see his/her face in one day.
Yes (continue to number 3)
No (continue to number 2)

2. You don't want anyone to know that you Idolize him/her
Yes (continue to number 4)
No (continue to number 3)

3. You love him/her like.. more than anybody and you always scream when he/she is on TV
Yes (continue to number 5)
No (continue to number 4)

4. You change your Idol pretty quickly
Yes (continue to number 6)
No (continue to number 5)

5. You have a million dollars, and after you went shopping etc, you still got 100 thousand bucks which is enough to fly and meet your idol, would you do it?
Yes (continue to number 7)
No (continue to number 6)

6. You don't show your admiration pretty obvious, and you sometimes doubt your Idol
Yes (continue to number 8)
No (continue to number 7)

7. You would be angry (at least feels not right) if someone makes fun of your Idol
Yes (continue to number 9)
No (continue to number 8)

8. You don't have, not even one single photo of him/her.
Yes (continue to number 10)
No (Pretty Idolize)

9. You would fight for your Idol againts all odds if your Idol is..... bi or gay (which is okay, but sometimes unacceptable) you love them for who they are
No (You Idolize them, that's all)

10. You are searching for another Idol
No (back to number 7)

I'm A Phsyco Freak, what are you?

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