Saturday, February 14, 2009

I wish for....

If I could have 10 super duperly egoistic and extremely evil for myself only and 'don't care about other people that might cause some controversy' wishes from God:

1. I wish for heaven and God's love.
2. I wish I was tall enough to wear anykinds of clothing and I'm the styliest person on earth, and no one can copy my style, it has rights (HAHAHA eat that sucker faces!)
3. I wish I'm super filthy rich, so I can go shopping anywhere, anytime
5. I wish drinking and staying in clubs wasn't a sin
4. I wish for a Bentley, no, Bentlies, plus empty roads and driving under age without a lisence is allowed
5. I wish I'm right now 27, so I'm old enough for everything, and always healthy
6. I wish I have a promising and high career and right now (superhigh salary of course), working with compitable and trustworthy, dependable people, and and without going to school first.
7. I wish that I have superpowers. Then I have my own secret identity. You won't even think that the one that saved your life was me :D And Edna Mode will be working with me as my personal stylist hahaha
8. I wish I have a tall, nice posture, handsome, caring, rich, smart, understanding, loyal, super cool, stylish, almost perfect, sweet, funny yet witty, mature, my soulmate and true love, can argue with, a little bit stubborn, same aged young husband to grow old with, right now
9. I wish I have a high class modern vintage minimalistic super cool apartment, and house, with all the suitable and none like other properties in it
10. I wish that what I've wished for could all come true (hahahahaha evil laugh)

Besides all of that, I still have heart, so I also have 10 more wishes for a greater good, to all of us:

1. I wish for heaven and God's love, for everyone
2. I wish for a happy, healthy and better life for everyone
3. I wish for a better
4. I wish for no one is evil, so there'll be no violence in this world, not even stealing a candy
5. I wish every single of us, understands each other, so we will all live peacefully, we'll help each other and there will be no misunderstandings and misjudges, divorces, no more worries and hurts
6. I wish that everyone is rich enough to live
7. I wish there was no, not ever, wars, fights, battles, exploitation, agression and everthing which are similiar, there's no point of those things really I don't get it
8. I wish every single happiness, specially for everyone I know (friends, family, etc., love you all)
9. I wish there are no more Global Warming forever and ever, and the people live their life greenly, industries use thousands of filterization technology and wish that plastic is organic and easy to be parted.
10. I wish that what I've wished for could all come true (hahahaha :D)

So, what about you? What do you wish for? :D

2 komentar:

Marsya said...

5. I wish drinking and staying in clubs wasn't a sin

That kinda surprised me lol

Carina's Blog said...

hahahahaha I've always wanted to have a fancy glamorous life where I can drink Margaritas, Champagnes, and Wines :P Really seriously, bukan bir cap sapi tabrak yang isinya cuma alkohol obat luar, aer sama gula HAHAHAHA