Friday, January 30, 2009

Goodbye Mr. A

Oh him? Mr. A is no one. It's a song. Actually, it's my favorite song, most favorite. But.. I only sing it when I feel crazy. And I like to sing it alone, not with others. You know, like.. have you ever think about being the real Joker for example. When I told my friends about that, they just ran away HA-HA-HA. Scared or what I don't know hahah chill I'm just joking, after all, I'm The Joker HA-HA-HA. But yeah, I want to be The Joker for once. To me his life is full of fun, and he's like doesn't feel having any trouble of what he had done. It reminds me of my favorite Joker's dialouge, with a cop, or quote, to me it's a quote, 'cause it influence me pretty much and until now it just won't go out from my head. It's very.. smart. He IS very smart to me. It was like this: "Would you like to know, why I use a knife?..... Guns are too quick. You can't... savor.. all the little.. emotion. You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So, in a way, I know your friends better then you ever did. Would you like to know, which one of them were coward??". See? Don't you just love the way he live his life? I love it, a lot of course. I love his laugh, smile, style, hairstyle, make - up (for those who mock his make ups, get lost!) and last but not least, of course, the way he kills. Really, it's true I;m telling the truth I adore the way he kills. To me it's amazing. This may sound as silly as killing for money but, it's okay if it's you job to get paid after you kills up to you really.. I'm just trying to say what's on my mind, without dynamites. Where would I get those? Joker blowed a hospital, me? Not even a dog house. He plays with knifes, dynamites, bombs, gernades, but me? Not even a windgun. That is why, I love The Joker. He's my icon, of life. And he lives his life healtyly. Really, you see, he laughs everytime, right? HA-HA-HA. Okay, here's the song, you can sing it along with my playlist on the right. It's the acoustic version the real song sounds like an alien spaceship, haha really! Enjoy :D HA-HA-HA (Pppoooffs!)

Goodbye Mr. A

There's a hole in your logic
You who know all the answers
You claim science aint magic
And expect me to buy it

(*)Goodbye Mr A
You promised you would love us
But you knew too much
Goodbye Mr A
You had all the answers
But no human touch
If life is subtraction, your number is up
Your love is a fraction, it's not adding up

So busy showing me where I'm wrong
You forgot to switch your feelings on Oh-Oh-Oh
So so superior, are you not?
You'd love a little bit but you forgot


(Goodbye Mr. A)(Goodbye Mr. A)
Goodbye Mr. A
The world was full of wonder till you opened my eyes
Goodbye Mr. A (Goodbye Mr. A)
Wish you hadn't blown my mind and killed the suprise
Goodbye Mr. A
You promised you would love us
But you knew to much
Goodbye Mr. A
You had all the answers
But no human touch
If life is subtraction your number is up
Your love is a fraction it's not adding up

3 komentar:

Marsya said...

ya ampun the joker haha

Avi Amerta said...

lagu dr gw dipasang dooong eh jangan deh ntar kl ada yg gak terima bisa jadi masalah huakakaka

Carina's Blog said...

Marsya: iya nyampe kebawa mimpi

Avi: lagu apaan? Hahaha gatau deh gua bener