Saturday, January 3, 2009

Introducing... Me!

Hi! My name is Carina Radiana Nugroho. You can call me Carina, or Carin is enough. I'm 14 going on 15. That's my picture when I was 4. I am now a Junior High School Student but soon I will (I hope I will! :D) graduate from Junior High then move on to Senior High. I'm from Indonesia, the 1000 island country. I'm pretty much a complicated person. My zodiac is Libra so I'm a very fairfull and balanced person. I see things from both sides, but I'd rather stay netral then have to choose which. I am a happy and fun person, for most of the time. But I am also can be sad and irritated person, it's just my way to balanced my life. If I don't do that, maybe I might be a very stressfull person 'cause I failed my prinsip of fairness and balance. And that will cause me being like...... lost and spacy hahaha. But I rarely show my sad side. I'd rather show my happy side, to get everyone happy too :D. I hate seeing people sad, irritated, upset.... and stuffs. Hahaha. I'm a busy girl, well, sort of haha. Not busy attending courses, more busy taking care of people and myself. Uhh... I know you don't really get it, but yeah, my daily routines is full of social lifes, people problems, My problems, dealing with situations, doing a sudden job people gave me, tasks of course, so it's never been the same, every daily routines usually, different. So today I might be in town, and then 5 minutes later I have to go somewhere far from home. Yeah pretty exhausting. But, I enjoy it, and it's full of fun and laughter :D. Talking about myself, I like watching anime a lot (I might mention my favorites in my other posts okay). But the most favorite anime of all time, is Honey and Clover. I'll explain later why. Also other TV shows like Whose Line is It Anyway?, Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader, ANTM, CSI: NY, Kimora Life in the Fabe Lane, The Ellen Degeners Show, Boiling Points, etc. Food, I like, Japanesse, Korean, Chinesse, and Italian. I like green tea, ocha, chinesse tea, chocolate (I like to drink chocolate better than to eat it to be honest :P), caramel frappucino and other coffees for the beverages. And oh, How I love Fashion so much! Mischa Barton, Nicole Ritchie and Rihanna are my inspiration, love them. I love Mary Janes! I love designing dresses and someday I'd open a dressline or being a supermodel (yeah right). But, that's just a dream, for my real future, I'd be a Diplomat (dude, IDK how to spell it right lol), or an organizer, but, a Jazzer is enough haha lol. Music? I like Jazz, Dance, Electric and futuristic sound, classic touch, and R n' B. I love to read novels published by Being Single and Happy™! It's fun and.... chic? Hahaha. My hobbies are hanging out with my friends.... obviously, chatting, going crazy with people, singing (shower record studio haha lol), playing on my PC, drawing, designing, creating, cooking and spacing out. My family is pretty much like others, just add a little bit more intension and care, there, that's my family. Eventhough they're like sometimes moody and stuffs however, I care a lot about them. But sometimes I'd rather be out from home, to get some fresh air hahaha LOL. Some people tell me that I act like a 25 years old women. Well, I don't deny that. I agree lol. People tend to ask, then to give. But my way of life since I was a little kid, I give more then I ask. It makes me feel more satisfied. I love to cook, because I love the way, the expression, of people eating my cooking. So yeah, I'm a social person. I just ask when I really need it, but I do things myself and I don't want to trouble people. What makes me mad is, when I care about someone, that someone takes advantage from me. They take advantage from my kindness. That's just not fair and I hate it. So, if you see me appreciating you, then appreciate me too, then I'll appreciate you even more. Let's play fair and square :D. I stand on my prinsips. I never broke them, or go through them. But I'm not a very principal person. I just go with the flow but still with what I think is right :D See.. I am complicated as well haha lol. But when you get to know me, you'll understand me. So, get to know me sometimes, I'd love to know new people. That's it for now, I'll post photos of me and my friends later okay. Adios! :D

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